Hindistan Informatics


We As Hindustan Informatics

Initially there is one person with clear vision and values, Our honorable Chair person Mr. Kiran More. He establishes a company with one opportunity in sugar research project in December 2014.

Since then, company is growing exponentially with highly energetic and innovative team and monetizing its ideas which are ahead of the time; many of them are reality now.

Our Organization got attitude of eagle's eye and Lion like leadership nature. Our firm commitments,translucency, clarity of thoughts & goal oriented focused approach will make us who we are today.

We understand people, we understand need, we feel the problem, we solve those, we implement those,we monetize them. Hence, we are the value creators and we preserve our identity several times.

We cares about
> Values > Society > People > Commitments > Honesty

innovation that helps us deliver solutions


Team of highly dedicated professionals having attitude of not keeping any boundary accross the work, we are 20+ members striving for betterment of business and services.

We focus on innovation that helps us deliver solutions that best serve our clients and customers.

Our operations and activities are now happening All India Level and also expanding towards South East and West Asian countries like Dubai,Oman, Thailand & Shri-lanka.

Goals to be on the top


We focus on adding considerable value to various businesses,our goal is to become an undisputed lead in Technology

As far as our path is slow we know where to gear down and where to gear up; We have great mentors and leaders of this era as our friend circle they validate our path, uide us and encourage us in our mission.

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innovation that helps us deliver solutions


We prepare the road map to be part of worlds greatest innovations

We dream for the world peace, spirituality and fulfillment among the world society.

We are software research and System design company.We are also automation system builders. We are going to be best in class custom product development company soon.

Goals to be on the top


Being better in the world we have mission to earn that much amount which brought us power to fullfill our goals and sustain company for balancing the equation of businesses.

OUR MISSION is to cross the boundaries of all innovations and technologies that can possible to company.